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Katja Maria

Helping performers, artists & teachers find their authentic voice and share their unique gifts with the world.

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Find your voice. Create. Connect. Grow.

Hi! I’m Katja. I can help you find your unique voice and maximize your potential as a performer or teacher. I’ll help you become aware of what’s standing between you and your goal, and map out the road to get there. Explore your possibilities so that you can have full artistic freedom to choose your sound and deliver your message with confidence. Match you up with the techniques, exercises and resources that you need, and craft a personal strategy for you. I can be the troubleshooter and cheerleader on your journey, and hold you accountable for sticking to your strategy. And what’s more: I’ll empower you to be independent and teach you how to become a troubleshooter and strategist yourself!

Whether you’re a singer, speaker or teacher, I can help you find and develop your voice, communicate with presence and power, tell stories from your heart, and connect with your audiences.

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  •  Katja’s personality makes it very easy to establish a connection with her. Some teachers use difficult words and are very serious and solemn in their approach, which creates a distance, but the way Katja teaches feels very personal and easy to understand. And you don’t have to wait six weeks to hear results - it’s right there! I’m now adding new songs to my repertoire with much more confidence, I know that I can do it!


  • After having followed an online course with Katja, singing became more easy. I learned better breath support and became able to reach high notes with more ease. I feel my voice doesn't flip anymore, it's more stable. Before working with Katja, I did not know why I was doing certain exercices or scales, and I couldn't apply the techniques into my songs. As a teacher, the course gave me a LOT of tools - simple and efficient exercises, and easy ways to explain things. Now I have more tools to help my students directly in their songs!

  • Katja is a great and enthousiastic teacher, with deep and detailed knowledge of the voice and how it works. I find her lessons inspirational and I recommend her strongly. She's the kind of teacher that makes you sing the songs you never dared to sing and has solutions for every 'problem' along the way. Inspiring!

  • I used to become hoarse regularly, especially after speaking for long periods of time, after a busy choir rehearsal or a long teaching day. With coaching some things became better, but my voice always had this weak link. Until I worked with Katja. Since I started taking lessons with her, my voice can handle much more! The structured voice techniques for speaking and singing were ingrained in my system already in a couple of intensive lessons. I can teach long days, speak and sing: I've never lost my voice again!

  • Katja's teaching is very inspirational and out of the general singing teaching box. She's got many ways of getting solution to one problem, her teaching is very diverse. After having participated in Katja's online course, I lost fear! It’s so relieving, it makes you so strong as a learner. Katja's goal exercises helped a lot. They have changed my work ethics and my work structure. To be honest – after her online course, I had a structure in my work for the very first time in my life! And that’s a great feeling.

  • For me, Katja is like a barrel full of knowledge and inspiration from where I can draw whenever I feel stuck. Whether it's a voice related thing, a question about a student I teach, or organizing my work better - after a lesson with Katja I always have new ideas and insights, and it always helps me to get unstuck! I believe you can't wish for a better teacher.

  • Katja blows me away with her breadth of knowledge not only of the voice itself, but also a variety of vocal pedagogies. To put it simply, I can't imagine a situation where she wouldn't be able to meet a learner at their individual point of need, as she draws on a very extensive range of experience and can reframe concepts in different ways until it sinks in. I really can't recommend Katja highly enough. Enjoy!

  • Katja always puts the student in the spotlight. It's all about YOU and how she can help you the best. She is empathetic and objective at the same time, which makes you feel very comfortable as a student. The teaching tools I have learned are great. Now I feel more like a real voice teacher than I did before!

  • Nico TabarracciNico TabarracciSinger & Singing Teacher, Argentina

    One of the things I was struggling with in my singing, was that my muscles felt completely tense. When I had to sing 4-5 gigs in a week, or do a recording session, I was always struggling, and singing rock music felt really hard. I reached a point where I wanted to get rid of this problem, I wanted to sing with power, but without all the struggle.

    Sing Everything was my first experience ever in taking a voice class online, and it was really good! Within the first 15 minutes of my first online class, I completely forgot that I was in an online lesson, and felt like I was sitting in the same room, at the same table with Katja! 

    In the course I learned using my support muscles, and became aware of how to make very powerful sounds without any discomfort whatsoever. The results were immediate, and it was really great to hear the immediate results in other participants’ voices too. I also enjoyed working on modifying the vocal tract, and learn how to access more harmonics. I really like how my voice sounds when I’m applying all of those things!


You Want To

Make Art!

Being the artist that you are, you crave freedom.

Vocal freedom and versatility. You wanna have the freedom to design your own unique sound. Sing across different styles, Jazz, Pop, Folk, Rock, World Music, Classical, Metal… You wanna break boundaries! Create your own style, dammit!

Use your voice in a healthy way without compromising your signature sound. Have tools and techniques that are backed up by vocal science and research.

Freedom to deliver your art in any types of situations. To different types of audiences. Ditch the script when the situation calls for it and improvise.

Feel connected and confident.

About your voice, on stage and in teaching situations. Tell stories from your heart and connect with others. Use your voice to heal, inspire, empower and make a difference.

Create order out of chaos.

Navigate your creative process like a boss and avoid overwhelm!

Build up efficient practice routines and stay inspired in your singing practice. Create systems that make you move towards your goals, strategies help you succeed and thrive.

Become the best version of yourself.

Grow as an artist, musician and maker. Stay connected to your creative genius. Find it back when it seems it’s gone hiding.

Develop as a teacher, expand your teaching toolbox, and be on the cutting edge of vocal pedagogy and science-based vocal techniques.

Burn for it! But don’t burn out while doing it. Build your business and grow a sustainable career as an artist-entrepreneur.

Let’s do this!

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In person or Online

We can work together no matter where in the world you are located! Come work with me in person in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), on one of the courses and retreats, or join one of my online coaching programs for singers, performers and teachers.

To learn more about my coaching services and find out if we’re a match,  schedule a free discovery call to discuss your training needs and get to know each other.

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