Artist coaching testimonials

“I had much creative flow and inspiration, but lacked insight and courage in creating systems that worked to create momentum and build a sustainable, flourishing foundation for my creative work and life. Katja helped me see how I was capable of creating doable step by step action to create space for movement, clarity and nervous system balanced focus. 

The avoiding, surviving, overwhelm fog lifted, and created space for what gives energy. Now I am pro-active when I feel worry, and turn ideas into to-do steps and take action. At the end of the week, I am amazed by what I already moved, faced, and turned as I want it, instead of waiting, hoping or postponing. It’s as if I for the first time really decided on being an entrepreneur, instead of just having to deal with it because I got rolled into it through my work as an artist. I am framing non-negotial things and building helpful systems for my money, building for the future and getting to know what I really need, instead of what I thought I could get. 

Structuring my work into pillars with Katja’s help has also made me realize how strong my work and intuition is, while helping me communicate about my work with more ease. 

As a coach, Katja is enthusiastic, encouraging and present. She lets you look at what is with open eyes, and clearly see what needs realigning. Not only that, she has an amazing focus in finding doable and exact next steps. I highly recommend her!”

Leela May Stokholm, creator, performance artist, coach

“I learned saying no to people and projects that don’t feel aligned!”

“Katja helped me grow into my identity as a business owner and to see business as part of my artist life. I used to think: “Yes! I’m an artist! (…and I also have to do business…aaaarrrgggh…)” Now I can connect those two elements.

I had so many plans on how I wanted to evolve my services as a singing teacher, but did not have a clear vision about who I actually want to work with. I only felt that some collaborations didn’t feel right anymore, but I didn’t know how to deal with that and how to get out of this. Working with Katja I identified who I want to work with, and learned saying no to people and projects that don’t feel aligned!

I learned to prioritize better in my daily life, so I could create more space for the things that matter the most. Also, I learned to design offers from the heart, to trust myself more, and gained confidence to talk about my teaching offers.

Katja really helps you to grow your artist business in a way that fits your artist identity. She’s not putting some ‘cookie-cutter-product’ into your head, but she’s really into your ideas and develops the business-side of your teaching and artistry with you. She’s not only great at helping you talk through your ideas, but also in helping you reconnect to your ‘Why’ and to your energy in the moments when you feel lost.”

Tamara Pientka, singer-songwriter & vocal coach

“I am now already receiving more space in my schedule for rest and high(er) energy clients”

“After 5,5 years of being an entrepreneur as a vocal coach, I wanted to have guidance on how I strategically can change and improve my business on different facets. Working with Katja has helped me energetically release overwhelm and resistance to change. I am now already receiving more space in my schedule for rest and high(er) energy clients, and experiencing more relaxation in body & mind. I like having Katja as a strategical overviewer, giving assignments to keep looking at the bigger picture and what small changes will make long lasting change. Katja is an intuitive coach with a bird’s eye for strategically improving your artist life & business holistically, and working with her will help you stay aligned, get clarity, release negativity and create space for change!”

Saskia Bak singer-songwriter, performer, vocal & artist development coach

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