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What patterns are limiting your creative work?

Are limiting patterns & behaviors sabotaging your creative work, practice, and the way your work shows up in the world ( = your artist business)? In this episode of Source Talks, you’ll learn about the 3 self-sabotaging types/personalities, how limiting patterns & behaviors might show up in your work & practice, and what you can do to start shifting these.

Are you being sabotaged in your singing practice?

Is your singing practice being sabotaged by your mindset, your practice system or practice methods? In this episode of Source Talks, dedicated especially to artists who identify as singers and vocal performers, you’ll learn about the 3 things that might be conspiring against your singing practice efforts. You’ll also learn what you can to do to start shifting these, so you can experience more joy and good days of practice, be able to break through the moments when you seem to “plateau” in your practice, and take your vocal technique practice to higher heights!

How to find & develop your signature singing sound

Finding and developing your signature sound, the sound that you’re recognized by, is the holy grail for most singers! In this episode of Source Talks, you’ll learn 3 tips and some common pitfalls to keep in mind to help you develop the sound & style that’s uniquely YOU.

What to do every day for your voice

Wondering what you can do every day to keep your voice in optimal shape? In this episode of Source Talks, you’ll learn a holistic body-voice-mind approach to keeping your voice in tip top shape and the 3 types of exercises that you can integrate to your daily routine as a singer and performer.

Struggling to find time for your creative practice?

Are you struggling to find time for your creative work or singing practice? In this episode of Source Talks, you’ll learn why time is actually not your biggest problem, and what might be conspiring against you instead. You’ll also learn what you can to do about it, so you can get the things done that matter the most to you!

Worried about what others think about your art?

Are you an artist who is nervous about sharing your creative work in progress with others? Or a singer/musician who feels hesitant practicing because you’re worrying about what your roommates or neighbours might think? In this episode of Source Talks, you’ll learn the 3R steps to overcoming this common creative block!

The creative journey from project idea to releasing your first single: with special guest Josie Akers

Josie’s journey & story is so powerful and inspiring! We chatted about: her journey from idea to single release, project planning, mindset & limiting beliefs, energy…. how vocal & artist coaching has supported her on the journey, the importance of building a team around you to help you support & move towards your artist goals – and also a little bit about my own journey as a vocal & artist coach and how my work developed over the years from being focused mainly on vocal technique to including creativity & artist coaching, helping artists with project planning, strategy & setting up helpful systems to create more flow & bandwidth, embracing and developing the business side of being and artist, mindset & limiting belief shifting, energy work, and the more spiritual side of being an artist.

Practicing acceptance to create flow and alignment in your creative work, artist life & business

Acceptance: what it is, what it isn’t & how you can use it to create flow in your artist life & business goals. ⁣

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