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This is the show to help you align with – and create from – your source, so you can create a creative life and business that’s authentic and thriving.

This show is made for artists and creative multi-passionate souls, musicians, singers, actors, creative entrepreneurs and teachers of the creative and performing arts. So if you’re a creative and you’re done listening to your Inner Critic and the Starving Artist narratives of the collective, and want to find your own authentic voice in your art & your life, get your creative projects moving steadily forward, and uplift your vibration to create miracles in your life, then you’re in the right place!

In this show, Katja Maria Slotte, artist coach, voice teacher, singer and musician offers tips from the coaching room together with practical creative and spiritual insight for your creative journey, and shares heart-to-heart conversations and inspirational guidance to help artists and creatives connect to their Source and create an aligned artist life that supports their creative work and makes an impact on the world.

You’ll learn how to get unstuck in creative projects, shift the mindset and beliefs that are holding you back, raise your frequency, align your energy and actions, get into flow, and build an authentic and aligned artist life & business. 

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On the Create From The Source multimedia publication on Substack, you’ll have access to the podcast and to bonus content, and get nourishment and guidance for your creative soul and artist life. Here we’ll explore the sometimes messy journey of creating, and how to:

  • Move through Resistance.
  • Create without your Inner Critic.
  • Connect to your creative Source.
  • Find your unique voice.
  • Approach your creative practice with curiosity, openness, patience, appreciation and trust, instead of from a place of fear, judgment, impatience or criticism.
  • Shift Starving Artist mindset.
  • Get off the hamster wheel of hustle and drain, and create a thriving artist life.

Hi! I’m Katja.

I’m your host, your guide, and your fellow traveler on the creative journey.

I’m an artist too, and I’ve been many things and worn many titles over the past 25 years. Singer, musician, artist coach, voice teacher and vocal coach, singing voice specialist, music interpretation teacher, choir leader, music educator, early childhood music teacher, voice over artist, theatre maker, performer, speaker, strategist, consultant, facilitator, creator of many projects and programs.

My creative journey started in my early years, and it’s been filled with curiosity and explorations, an insatiable love for learning, freedom seeking, connecting the dots, innovation, wrestling with Resistance, navigating the waters of creative blocks, getting lost in listening to the voice of my Inner Critic and the collective limiting beliefs and narratives, burning out and losing my creative energy, healing and summoning it back again. I know all about how to get out of alignment, and how to find back again.  

In all the training and coaching I’ve invested in over the years, I could not find a place where all the tools and support an artist needs to build and manage a sustainable life and business was coming together with the support an artist needs creatively and spiritually. That’s why I created it myself. It’s called Create From The Source.

Create From The Source is my latest creative project.

It’s a multimedia online publication: a blog and a podcast. It’s an artist community and my coaching work. It’s a movement. It’s my mission. It’s the work that grew from everything I learned on my own journey back to my Source, from my work as a coach for other artists, and from what I keep learning in my current explorations, surrendering to my Inner Guidance and co-creating with Source. It’s my personal creative incubator. It’s living, breathing and ever-evolving.

On the blog you will hear, watch and read personal stories and insights, philosophies and musings, inspiration and real-life strategy for your creative practice, artist life & business from me and other artists and coaches that I’ll share conversations with. You will receive long form and short form content that will invite you to explore your own creativity, voice, artistry, spirituality and life. Deep dives and short inspiration shots, artistic expression and real-time creative sparks from my own journey.

I’ll take you along my creative process as this work around Create From The Source and my own art evolves. I’ll share with you my thoughts and philosophies as my own vocal methodology evolves and I’m creating the next version of my signature program Sing From The Source. I’ll give you a glimpse of my creative practice as my own music projects come back to life after a long hibernation. I’ll take you along on the biggest adventure in my life so far, as I’m figuring out where to settle next and rediscovering my roots up north in Finland. I’ll share with you my insights as my own spiritual path keeps deepening, I keep learning more and more about energy, and co-creation with Source.

I am excited about connecting with you deeper, beyond the world of social media.

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