Intro to Rock Your Singing Practice

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in how we learn, and how to make the most out of each learning experience.

I’m out on a mission to make singing practice much more fun and efficient, and most of all, to help you get out of that overwhelm mode!

In this online workshop you will:

  • Get ideas on how to structure your practice.
  • Learn techniques and strategies that will make your practice more efficient.
  • Get ideas on how to engage in mindful practice that facilitates deep learning.



Soon, I will be starting a new Rock Your Singing Practice group in my Online Classroom.

  • Live classes
  • Weekly tips and guidance
  • Video feedbacks
  • Q&A’s and mentoring talks

…and that’s not all!

Members of the Rock Your Singing Practice group will also receive a monthly exercise kit with warmups for Voice, Body, Mind and Soul. .

Wanna stay in the loop, receive more information about this group, and be the first one to be notified about registration?

Fill in your details here and I’ll keep you updated!


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