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Hi! I’m Katja.

I’m a singer and musician, voice teacher, vocal coach, music educator, writer, and multi-passionate artist-preneur. I’m dedicated to help you grow as a singer, performer or teacher, and to live an inspired, creative life. 

Wanna lose fear and feel connected and confident about your singing and teaching? 

Need guidance in healthy and efficient techniques for singing and speaking? 

Looking for new input and inspiration for your teaching work? 

Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to singing practice? 


I can help you develop your own voice and to keep it healthy, no matter what style of music you sing. So you can use it to deliver authentic performances, to inspire, motivate, educate, and connect with others. 

Let’s make it happen!


Katja is a great and enthousiastic teacher, with deep and detailed knowledge of the voice and how it works. I find her lessons inspirational and I recommend her strongly. She’s the kind of teacher that makes you sing the songs you never dared to sing and has solutions for every ‘problem’ along the way. Inspiring!

Margriet, The Netherlands


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