Upcoming courses:

Sing Everything starts March 2nd

Group coaching, private lessons, coaching and mentoring is available online worldwide, and in Rotterdam (NL).

Ready for a deep dive? Each quarter, I have limited space available for private coaching and mentoring. This type of coaching and mentoring is for singers, artists and teachers who are working towards a specific goal and are ready to really uplevel their game. We’ll work together on your voice, performance, artistic career goals, or business. Schedule a discovery call to discuss your dreams, goals and coaching needs, and learn how I can serve you.



Come work with me in person at these locations

Workshops, courses, productions & retreats:

12 – 14 June, The Sessions at Buitenkunst

18 – 25 July, Heroes: vocal production week at Theatertalentlab

1 – 8 August, Singing Atelier at Buitenkunst

8 -15  August, Préau estate: Singer’s and Performer’s Retreat – CVT Zangvakantie, Chatîn (FR)

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