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If finding vocal freedom and unlocking your artistry was just about learning vocal techniques, and if working on your vocal skills would be the only thing it takes to silence your Inner Critic, every singer studying vocal techniques would feel powerful and free to express themselves, and have that magic that it takes to truly connect with the music and your audience. You know, that magic that gives goosebumps.

But we all know this isn’t so.

True vocal freedom doesn’t come from singing technique alone, but from an alignment of voice, body, mind, spirit and energy.

Artistry isn’t only about vocal skill, but it’s about how you bring your music alive with your sound, the way you landscape your song dynamically and emotionally, your storytelling, and highlighting what’s unique about you.

If finding vocal freedom and unlocking your artistry is what you’re looking for as a singer, and you’re looking for personal guidance and support on your journey toward a personal growth or project milestone, you’ve come to the right place!

Sing Everything Power Groups gives you the opportunity to grow as a singer, vocal artist and singing teacher, explore new sounds and ways to express yourself, connect to your voice and creativity, build awareness of your vocal habits, gain insight in your unique taste and develop your signature sound, bring your songs alive with your unique touch, brush up on your skills and stay inspired, while learning cutting-edge vocal techniques and much more.

In our work together, we go beyond vocal technique to help you find vocal freedom and unlock your artistry.

  • You would like to get back to performing, but you have difficulties trusting your voice.
  • You sing every day but feel you have plateaued in your technique.
  • You want to record an EP or album, and want your voice to be flexible and in shape.
  • You’ve studied countless vocal methods, are skilled in many techniques, but you don’t know what you want to sound like anymore.
  • You love singing but feel overwhelmed when it comes choosing the right exercises.
  • You have been studying vocal techniques on your own like crazy, but find it difficult to apply the techniques you’ve learned into your own singing.
  • You’re excited to grow and develop as a singer and artist, but you’re afraid you might give up when your Inner Critic gets too loud or when you find it hard to motivate yourself to practice.
  • You feel bored with your repertoire and your singing practice, and would love to be part of a group that would inspire and motivate you.
  • You want to add new tools and techniques into your teacher’s toolbox and LOVE hanging around people who talk about voice.

Whether you’re a voice pro, an aspiring singer, emerging artist or motivated voice explorer, I can help!

“Coaching with Katja is one of the best decisions I ever made. I truly believe I would not be about to release my first single if it hadn’t been for Katja and I feel confident in continuing on my course of growth. Katja provides not only guidance & knowledge, but also the opportunity to share true thoughts & feelings without fear of being vulnerable.

Josie A.

When you have clarity about what technique to apply and how to do it, guidance from someone who can teach you vocal awareness and mindful practice so you can tune in to your vocal instrument faster, and the accountability, support and motivation to keep showing up even when you feel you suck…(we all have those moments 😉 ) …

…that’s when the breakthroughs start to happen. That’s when you start experiencing a freedom in your singing that is different from when your Inner Critic or Inner Drill Sergeant are the masters of your practice. That’s when you’ll find back to enJOYing practice again. That’s when learning vocal techniques becomes playful AND efficient.

When you learn to access vocal techniques in ways that help you get out of your head and into your body and energy, that’s when your singing becomes embodied. And when you start looking beyond vocal technique and unlock your artistry with music interpretation, storytelling and creativity coaching…that’s when the magic starts to happen. And the goosebumps 🙂

How it works:

Choose your track: PRO or EMERGE

We have two Power Group tracks in Sing Everything: PRO for professional voice users (singers, performers, singing teachers), and EMERGE for aspiring singers, emerging artists and motivated voice explorers of all backgrounds. The groups are carefully curated. When you apply for a Power Group, you can choose your track and you will be matched up with the Power Group that aligns with where you’re currently at and your current goals.

We love small group sizes.

We’re keeping the size of each Power Group at max. 4 singers, in case you were wondering 🙂

Commit to your growth

To create the right circumstances for continuity in your voice goals, and a safe environment for all Power Group singers to explore and grow, your initial commitment to your singing self and to your Power Group is 4 months. Most of my clients work together with me for 1-2+ years (or more). So don’t worry, you can continue after the initial 4 months, for as long as your goals have been met and it works for both parties!

Enrolment for spring session 2023 is open for the following Power Groups:

  • Emerge: Tuesdays 6:30 pm CET (Amsterdam) / 12:30 pm ET (New York) / 9:30 am PT (Los Angeles). Fully booked. Click on the “Apply Now” button to get on the waitlist for the next EMERGE group.
  • Pro: Tuesdays 10:30 am CET (Amsterdam). 2 spots left

Groups meet twice a month (every other week) for up to 2 hours. In your application form and application call, I’ll tell you more about further logistics around starting dates.

Note: if the days & times don’t work for you, you can still apply! We’ll put you on a waiting list and you’ll be informed as soon as a new Power Group is starting! In your application form you can indicate what times work best for you.

What to expect in Sing Everything Power Groups:

2 intimate group coaching sessions on Zoom each month, in a group of max. 4 singers, with dedicated time per session for you and your voice work, wherever you’re at. You’ll be working toward a personal growth or project milestone, and get guidance and coaching along the way. We’ll do coaching around vocal technique, integrating techniques into repertoire, music interpretation, storytelling, signature sound, mindset, energy, and questions that have come up from practice. In the PRO track Power Groups coaching around vocal troubleshooting, teaching and pedagogy is also possible. Read more about how it works in the application form.

Personal guidance, assignments, and weekly feedback on your practice.

All-access pass to a monthly Sing Everything live voice & artistry workshop on Zoom. (Replays available). In the monthly workshops you’ll get to practice new skills, explore vocal technique, music interpretation and storytelling, and meet up with other singers in the Sing Everything Community. Best thing? Workshops are community informed, which means as a member of a Sing Everything Power Group, you have a say in what kind of workshop topics you want to see!

Access to the Sing Everything Vault, a goldmine for vocal training. The Vault currently contains more than 130 classes, video & audio lessons, and new resources are added monthly to the Vault to support you on your path as a singer, vocal performer and teacher! 

Your own private community where you can engage, share experiences and ask questions.

Your investment:

€160 / month (ex. VAT)

Prices are in Euro. VAT is added to the total sum.

We offer a discount when you pay for your initial commitment time upfront, you can inquire about this during your application call.

Sing Everything Power Groups has a minimum commitment time of 3 months, which is vital to create a safe learning environment, build continuity and to make those shifts start to happen for you.

Most of my clients have worked with me for 1-2+ years (or more). So don’t worry, after the initial commitment time, you can continue month-to-month for as long as your goals have been met and it works for both of us!

If we haven’t worked together yet, and you’d like to get started with a 1:1 session first, I totally get it! Here’s how you can get started: first, apply for the Power Group (because that will help me get to know you and figure out what’s most helpful for your goals. The Power Group application includes a free call, in which we’ll get together on Zoom to talk about your application. So we get to meet up in person, YAY! Then, if you want a 1:1 session before deciding on a longer commitment in a Power Group, the next step for you is to schedule an Initial Fit Session. This is a coaching session for new clients, in which you’ll sing, learn and we’ll assess and make a strategy for your goals. The Initial Fit Session will also help both of us determine the best way to partner up together and what Power Group track is best for you.

My clients say

“Before working with Katja, I was restricting my natural voice, getting stuck in a box and trying too hard to control the voice. Now I am really excited to trust my voice and to explore new parts of my voice with compassion. I am approaching singing with more curiosity instead of fear. I am enjoying singing again! As a coach, Katja is present, intuitive, knowledgeable, supportive, kind and thoughtful. She creates a healthy and safe environment, and any singer looking to develop with a brilliant and compassionate teacher would benefit from working with her.”

Bonnie F.

“Before I started working with Katja, I felt stuck, needing to realign. I had a desire to record an album, and wanted to get my voice back in shape. Despite being technically skilled through studies in many vocal methodologies, I didn’t know how I wanted to sound anymore. I was looking for a sound that was more connected – reflecting more of me. ⁣I was also suffering from imposter syndrome, which was holding me back both in my singing and teaching.⁣ Through working with Katja, things started shifting on many levels. I reconnected with playfulness, and that spread out to areas in my whole life.⁣ My singing became gentler, more expressive and dynamic. I found my own sound that was aligned with the stories I wanted to tell. My vocal range expanded, and singing started feeling much easier and more connected.⁣ Through the coaching, I learned to fully embrace my identity as a rock and metal vocalist, which helped me expand my artistry. My creative flow exploded and I ended up writing not just one, but TWO albums, that I now feel confident bringing to the recording studio!

Judith L.

Looking for even more support? Power Groups Plus gives you exactly that!

If you know you thrive on even more support, or if you have specific time-bound-goals you’re working towards within the Power Groups and could use even more one-on-one time, Power Groups Plus gives you the opportunity to tailor your experience to meet those needs.

  • Sing Everything Power Group + one monthly one-on-one session: €250 / month (ex. VAT)
  • Or meet up with me 4 times monthly: two monthly sessions with your Power Group + two monthly one-on-one sessions: €375 / month (ex. VAT)
  • Do you thrive on individual study and are you looking for something personalised and completely customized? Then a private mentorship is your way to go! 🙂 Your private mentorship consists of 1:1 coaching sessions on Zoom, up to daily feedback on your practice via a private video chat, access to video tutorials/classes, online live workshop and more! Get in touch with me to set up a free strategy call in which we’ll get clear on what your customized journey will look like – you can do so by applying for a Power Group, and indicate you’re looking for private mentorship. Private mentorship starts at €300/ month (ex. VAT).

Prices are in Euro. VAT is added to the total sum.

Meet your coach

Hi! I’m Katja.

I help singers & creatives unlock their voices and artistry, get unstuck in creative projects, and find alignment, so they can get off the hamster wheel of hustle, ditch Starving Artist behaviour and build a thriving artist life.

I’m a singer, musician, singing teacher, voice technician, creativity, artistry, mindset and life coach for artists. I draw from a strong background in music education and vocal pedagogy, an eclectic training in various music styles and vocal improvisation, and experience as performer and theatre maker, choir leader, coach, consultant and strategist for artists and teachers. 

Over the past 20 years, I’ve been a singing teacher and vocal coach for aspiring and professional singers and actors, a theatre maker and vocal coach for talent development productions, a Complete Vocal Technique teacher, choir leader, a music education trainer for teachers, and a teacher of voice and music interpretation at performing arts institutes like the Bachelor program at Codarts University of the Arts Music Theatre department in Rotterdam (NL). 

As a singer, musician and performer, I’ve toured Dutch theaters with my own show, played in bands, contemporary dance and  theatre productions, entertained as a singer-pianist, performed fully improvised concerts, sang in choirs and a cappella groups.

Alongside my career as a singer, musician and performer, I built this coaching business to support other artists with their voice, artist life & business. Here you can find out more about my artist coaching services & programs. My mission as a coach is to help you tap your creative Source, for more freedom, flow, clarity and alignment, and to help you bring out your unique YOU. We do this by working in all departments: voice, body, mind, spirit and energy, with cutting edge vocal technique and music interpretation to expand your expression, with creativity coaching to help you release blocks around creating and clarify your artist identity, with guidance that helps you tune in to your inner knowing, and with strategy to keep you moving steadily toward your most meaningful goals.

I’m excited to meet you!

Application calls are designed to help you gain clarity about your goals, and the support that will help you move steadily toward them. That way you’ll have clarity, whether you decide to sign up or not.

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