Creating a Trust-List – Episode 9 of December Voicings

So often we get stuck in fear-based thinking about our voice, creativity, practice, work and career. Fear-based thinking includes things like being scared, not trusting, blaming, or judging. When was the last time you heard yourself say (out loud or thinking) “I’m afraid I’ll sing out of tune”, “I’m afraid I’ll make a mistake”, “My ad libs are not interesting”, “I can’t come up with any original ideas”, “So-and-so writes great lyrics but mine are boring”, “What if I can never come up with an idea as good as I had for that thing last year”, “What if nobody will ever book me again?”…and so on and so on… The problem with fear-based thinking is, that it carries with it an energy that contracts and limits us. 

Today, we’re going to create what I call a “Trust-List”. This is something I created for myself when I went through a period of vocal problems with chronic laryngitis, to help me step out from the contracting energy of fear-based thinking that was actually slowing down my healing process and only causing unnecessary mental and emotional stress. I used this Trust-List also during a period when I went through a “creative burnout”, completely lost my joy and my “Why”, and felt like my creative ideas had completely dried up. I’ve used it in moments when my inner “Starving Artist voice” tells me irrational things about my career or about money. The Trust-List calms me down when I get swept away by irrational fear-based thoughts, related to basically anything in my creative life: my voice, my creativity and my career. It makes me connect again, to the wisdom and the guidance, and to seeing solutions where the Fear-based voice only puts obstacles and worst-case scenarios. 

What’s on your Trust-List? 

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